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Raise Your Vibration

Each stone in this bracelet has been carefully selected to balance the root chakra reminding you to connect with the physical world, so you feel stronger, more grounded, and supported.

Root Chakra: Muladhara

Element: Earth

Seed: (mantra) LAM

Essential Oil:  rosewood, rosemary & sandalwood


Garnet: provides fortitude & courage. Helps increase personal strength, endurance and power.

Red Carnelian – is used to cleanse and activate.

Sterling silver accents.

Optional drop of essential oil can be added to the sandalwood bead. 


Buddha charm –harmony with body and spirit, considered as a symbol of good luck, peace, and longevity

Each bracelet has been smudged with sage to energetically cleanse and invite positive energy into the wearer.

7.5-8" or 8-8.5" long, 6mm beads

Spiritual Jewellery

All jewellery is made out of natural gemstones and/or 925 sterling silver, rhodium plated , 18kt gold plated.  I have designed a porous bead into each design to honour my love of essential oils.   Hand crafted in Toronto, Canada. 

Although bead bracelets have become a fashion trend for their beauty, I believe in their healing powers.  If we focus our intentions on what we would like assistance with, the power of the thought can manifest amazing results.  I am by no means an expert on chakras, but I am intensely interested in the energy flow of the body and spirit.  I have taken my level 1 Reiki, multiple meditation workshops, chakra courses and mediumship classes.  My intention designing these bracelets was to put power and love back into each one.  I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I did creating them.  Only available through Ruby Wow Designs