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About Us

Artisan?  Designer?  Creator?  I don’t know!   I have always struggled with defining what I do.   Artisan?  I feel like I should be able to make bread and I can’t.  Designer?  Although I went to school to be a Buyer, I am not a trained Jewellery Designer.  Creator, I definitely feel closer to that definition.  I think I will define myself as an Innovator  {for the time being anyways}.  Because I wasn’t educated as a Jewellery Designer I don’t look at materials the same way a trained eye would.  Often I have no idea what pieces were originally intended for so I am able to be creative without that limitation of knowing their purpose.  I think that has become one of my talents. 

 As I tell my kids some of my favourite pieces started as a mistake. 

“Embrace who you are”.  Maybe that will be my new motto for this year.  I love change and embrace it quiet easily {I think}.  Although I do understand change can only happen when we are ready, I am ready!    

 As you can tell Ruby Wow is a “me” not an “us”.  I have great plans for Ruby so please tell your friends about me then one day I will be an “us”.  In saying that, Ruby would not be around without an “us”.  There are many family members & friends that have helped me on this creative journey.  Without them I would still be a bunch of beads scattered at the bottom of a plastic shopping bag.  Ruby & I thank you.  I will try to continue to pay forward all that I have been given. Which for me is the best way I can show my thanks.


Tara & Ruby