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Quiet Guidance

Ruby & I learned so much in 2020! One of our takeaways is being able to collaborate with other entrepreneurs.  Jennifer Copeland is one of those people!   For 2021, Ruby Wow has paired up with Jennifer, who has been studying Sacred Astrology.   

For Jennifer, it’s a universal language to connect to something bigger, feel supported, and be guided by the natural rhythms around us. 

As a creative person, I am naturally inspired by change and movement.  These were the quotes that inspired my design from Jennifer's report.  "The push for freedom, and the pull of responsibility.  What needs to fall away and what needs to be held onto".   That was the quote that resonated with me and use the owl coin pendant as a symbol for quiet guidance.  

Owl for quiet guidance

Wisdom + Knowledge

“with gleaming eyes”


What we are drawn to is often what will resonate most deeply on our path to truth.  Wear this owl as a talisman to guide and surround yourself with its levelheaded energy.  Look more clearly at the clarity in your past, present, and future with what old boundaries and beliefs are no longer serving you.  The owl also allows you to become more observant, calm, majestic and calculated. Just by slowing down, perching on a high tree limb, and looking around, your inner vision and intuition will become clear on what you need to do. 


Athena in Greek mythology is the goddess of wisdom, courage and inspiration.   The sterling pendant shape is an irregular circle as hand minted coins would have been. Athena’s name in Greek letters appears on the right.


Past – vintage brass chain that has been hand-dipped in antique black finish.

Present – replica of a Greek coin, sterling silver.

Future – learn from you past, stay present in the current and use your wisdom for the future.


Wear this owl proudly.

  adjustable 16-17" antique black chain paired with a sterling silver pendant.

Mix and match with January’s talisman of Collective Awakening.

 Please click on link to read Jennifer's complete report.