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Collective awakening - Jan

Ruby & I learned so much in 2020! One of our takeaways is being able to collaborate with other entrepreneurs.  Jennifer Copeland is one of those people!   For 2021, Ruby Wow has paired up with Jennifer, who has been studying Sacred Astrology.   

For Jennifer, it’s a universal language to connect to something bigger, feel supported, and be guided by the natural rhythms around us. 

As a creative person, I am naturally inspired by change and movement.  These were the quotes that inspired my design.

“What old structures and beliefs are you leaving behind?
What new ways of being are you embracing”?
“Very fitting for the 2021 theme of collective awakening”.


 This modern, minimal design uses a raw rough stone to remind us of our intentions and balance our energy centres.  Deliberately balanced over the heart chakra, which is one of our energy points, when our chakras are balanced, our energy is in alignment.  This piece is meant to tap into your empowerment, and the intention you set for yourself, and wearing this talisman is a simple reminder of our commitment.

  • 21” Sterling silver chain/clasp. Raw/rough stone.  Each stone has been hand-picked and is unique.


When we feel balanced, we can be a part of balancing the collective!

Blue Apatite is a strong gratitude stone - It will encourage compassion for yourself and others and enhance your innate healing abilities.  Do you need a reminder to keep negativity away?

  • It will encourage compassion for yourself and others—a crystal of abundance, self-love and a powerful tool for growth. 

Ruby - Ruby's hardness and red energy align you with your inner strength.  It can help you feel more engaged in life and more loving toward your physical body and human existence.
Do you need a reminder to live life to the fullest?

  • If you lack enthusiasm and generally feel bored, the energy from ruby will get your blood flowing and increase your passion for life.
  • Ruby intensifies the emotions and stokes passions. It can be used as a talisman to bring wealth, joy, love, sexual vigour and power.

Peridot helps you with psychological clarity and well-being. Do you need help admitting mistakes and to forgive yourself?

  • This stone will also assist you in thinking outside the box by opening your mind to unlimited possibilities.
  • Help you be aware of the things you have neglected.

 Sapphire helps balance emotions. It brings calmness to mind and helps you understand feelings more clearly.  Trust, Protection, Love.  Do you want a reminder to help increase inner strength and improve your self-esteem?

  • With a greater sense of self-confidence, a feeling of general happiness occurs.
  • Having this calming stone also can help relieve anger and frustration.

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Jennifer will be doing a monthly report, which will be the inspiration for Ruby Wow.  I love this! Collaboration pulling my interests in design, spirituality and self-awareness into one project.